How to Choose Snowboard Bindings

Along with the correct technique, selection of the right bindings plays a key role in enjoying the snowboarding. Keep the flexibility (flex), styling and other features in mind while selecting. Riding style also plays a major role in choosing the correct binders and the snowboard binders that felt good for someone may or may not feel good for you. Here is the list of the best (men’s) snowboard bindings that suits the needs of every snowboarder.

  1. Burton Genesis: Starting from Flex to Shock Absorption, these binders are perfect in every department. Professionals may feel that responsiveness is a bit low but for those who prefer the free rides, these are the perfect choice. High butterability and lightweight design impress everyone. Its 2 piece hammock high back gives you utmost comfort and you will not even feel uninterested even after snowboarding for an hour or so. With the canted foot bed, you can align your body nicely which makes
  2. Flow Fuse GT: Ideal for all-mountain snowboard performers. Aggressive riders will love these binders because of their responsiveness. Its soft yet stiff base plate is the best choice for riders those who are looking for molded base. These binders are comparatively stiff and the speed entry/exit is one its features that are hard to see in the professional snowboard binders. Another hybrid version is also available and in that, you will have more flexibility to adjust the toe straps.
  3. Burton Cartel: These are perfect for park and backcountry rides also and even if you are an all-mountain rider, you can happily buy them. Nice Flex, better adjustability and high shock absorption capacity made them one of the ideal contenders for the best snowboard binders. These binders score well in all aspects but a little low in responsiveness. You can tweak these binders until you get the perfect adjustment which is very nice.
  4. K2 Lien AT: These are also as good as Burton Cartel but just missed the third place because of lack of comfort entry/exit design. It also has very good shock absorbers and perfect for all-mountain riders. High Flex and adjustability make this one an ideal choice for starters and experts. Responsiveness and playfulness are perfectly bended in these snow binders and they are comparatively cheap.
  5. Flex DS: As the name itself suggests, these binders are high in Flex but relatively low shock absorption capability forced them to last position. Except in that one aspect, these snowboard binders are nearly perfect in all the other departments. The comfort levels are good and the binders are really responsive. You can adjust everything and the high boot support is an added advantage to those who prefer these binders.

These snowboard bindings seem to be expensive but they are 100% worth the money. Even if you practice the snowboarding for recreational purpose also, try any one of these binders and you will surely feel in love with them. This list is designed keeping all-mountain riding conditions in mind and free style riders should try them before actually buying them.

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