Snowboard Boots Reviews

If you like to head to the slopes for some well needed adrenaline in the white stuff, you will know the importance of choosing the correct snow board boots. Holding an importance greater than the board, you need to know what you are looking for in order to get the best results for your style of boarding.

As well as the look of the boot, the flexibility, lacing system and liners chosen could have a great impact on your boarding experince, it is best to chose widely in order to gain long term benefits.

Depending on your boarding style and location preferences, there are a range of boot flex’s to suit all, choosing a flex to match your requirements will prove extremely advantagous:

Soft/Medium Flex:

Designed for all-mountain riders, being the majority of people, boots with a slightly firmer feel than those of freestyle, are perfect for casual boarding on mountainous or split boarding on backcountry terrain. Tailored styles for women and children are great for taking anatomical differences of a thinner foot or heel into consideration ensuring maximum comfort and medium responsiveness whilst on the slopes.

Stiff Flex:

For those adrenaline junkies, looking for maximum speed and precision on mountainous or backcountry terrain, snow board boots with a stiff flex were designed for you. Giving ultimate rigidity enables you to scribe line across firm snow for maximum speed impact.

For freeriders looking to emcompass off-piste boarding, investing in a stiffer boots would definitely be money well spent.

Once you have chosed your boot flex, its time to chose a lacing system to suit your needs, with blisters and movement of your foot inside your boot being the last things you want to suffer whilst on the slopes.

Traditional Lacing Systems:

Now, traditional laces have been tried and tested for years, and will always come out on top, main reasons being the cost, they are much cheaper to buy and replace than any other lacing system, and comfort, you are able to secure your foot in your boot to your adequate comfort.

All in all, traditional lacing systems are an excellent, customisable product to ensure maximum comfort and control whilst boarding.

Quick Pull Lacing Systems:

These lacing systems are exactly what they say they are, they offer a speedy and convenience way to secure your boots using a pull string method. Extra customization can be performed after the itial tightening to maximum comfort around the ankle area if necessary. The main advantage of using quick pull lacing over traditional systems is that the laces are neatly tucked away, minimalism the risk of your laces getting caught or lost.

Boot Liners:

There are many types of boot liners on the market, from moudable, non moudable and thermoformable. These provide stability, cushioning and insulation whilst boarding, important for all riders in mountainous conditions.

Look for liners that can be removed from the boot following boarding, this allows they to air out and dry and return to shape, offering more comfort next time.

All in all, choosing a great combination of these products will not only offer comfort whilst boarding but will help to maximise endurance.

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